Polypropylene braided multifilament cords, ropes and twines

Polypropylene braided multifilament cords, ropes and twines

In our production we use high-strength polypropylene multifilament of the first grade.
Polypropylene multifilament (abbreviated PP HT) is a fibrous yarn, 100% synthetic material.
We produce polypropylene braided cords, ropes and ropes from 1.5 mm to 25 mm in diameter.


  • Lightness (do not drown in water)
  • UV protection (do not lose bright colors when exposed to the sun)
  • Non-hygroscopic (do not absorb water)
  • Do not rot
  • Lack of unwinding
  • When wet, they do not stretch and do not lose strength
  • Water resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Wear resistance
  • High resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents
  • Electrical and thermal insulation properties
  • Melting point 170 ° C

Areas of use:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Seafaring
  • Transport
  • Tourism
  • Sport
  • Industry
  • Freight operations
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Children's sports grounds
  • Swedish walls
  • Rope ladders
  • Climbing nets
  • Fencing
  • Design, decor
  • Needlework

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