Sizal twisted cords, ropes and twines


                SIzal twisted cords, ropes and twines

                2mm - 30mm in diametr.

 Cords, ropes and twine from an ecologically clean material - sisal, possess high

 durability, resistance to wear; are very steady against water, to rotting,
 mold, ultra-violet and thermal radiations. Are widely used in decorative finishing

 of interiors and rooms, in production of lodges for cats, in the industry.

 Twisted cords and ropes from natural materials are used in agriculture, the food

 industry, the industry on production of candles, furniture the industries,

 in decorative works, in works with flammable materials. Twisted twine can be

 from the synthetic, natural and combinedmaterials. Are used in agriculture,

 the food industry, packing works, in distribution shops.



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